With a commitment to creating a more vibrant and interesting blog, I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield.  My assignment for today is to describe the people — my Ideal Readers — that I want to visit and read and comment on my blog.

My hope is that by imagining and describing my Ideal Reader I will gain focus about what to write and post about.  But, I want to assure you —  friend, family member or fellow artist — who is reading this that YOU are my ideal reader, too…and I appreciate the fact that you are here.

The Blog Triage class assignment is this:

Describe that one person — your ideal reader — in as much detail as possible.  Use these questions to guide you:

  • Are they of a certain age or background?
  • Do they live in a particular region?
  • What are their interests – including, but not limited to art?
  • Are they comfortable with the blog format?
  • Are they likely to comment?

Hmmm.   Ideally — and that’s what we are shooting for here, ideal — my blog reader is a parent or grandparent who is interested in commissioning painted portrait(s) of her/his loved ones, especially children.  That is what I do — paint portraits — so that is who I’d like to attract.  This ideal reader can live anywhere in the country, but probably lives in the South because there is a longer and richer tradition here of having formal portraits made.  S/he will be well-educated and have an intellectual curiosity about the world in general and art in particular.  This ideal person loves her/his home and spends time, money and effort to make it beautiful and comfortable. S/he is technically savvy enough to understand how blogs work, knows that comments are the lifeblood of a blog (hint!hint!) and  knows how to post a comment.  S/he has enough discretionary income to be able to afford my (surprisingly affordable!) fees.  Most importantly, this ideal blog reader (and potential client) is someone I could become friends with, even if we never meet in person.

Whew!  OK.  First part of the homework assignment — DONE!

The next question asks what I want to get from blogging.

I would like blogging to help me grow my portrait painting business.  If my readers could use my blog posts to interest their friends and family in the work that I do, well, that’s the best advertising.  Additionally, my blog can serve as an online portfolio (in addition to my website) to showcase my latest finished work and what is currently on my easel.  If I knew how to do it I would also like to have an area of my blog that would allow clients to log on and see their portrait project in progress.  I’m guessing the technology for this sort of thing exists, right?  Connecting with other artists is something I know a good blog can do.  I recently made a new artist friend online, by reading and commenting on, her terrific blog.  (I’m talking about you, Dreama!)  And, finally, I want my blog to be a way for friends and family to keep up with what I am doing…I want the blog to answer the question, “What is Jan up to now?”

Thanks for reading…I think you are ideal 😉