Do you need a fun little field-trip that is also border-line spiritual?  Wander around a nursery on a nice day.  Even the garden department at Home Depot will give you so much beauty to gaze upon and so many fresh fragrances that you will feel like you have had a vacation.

I found these gorgeous lilies at Lowe’s (reminds me of the old song “…hi lilies, hi lilies, hi Lowe’s…” well, something like that, anyway.)  I also found the bright blue planter pot there in the garden department at Lowe’s.  I bought the lilies, I bought the blue pot, brought them home,  and put them together.  Spectacular color!

This painting is 12×12 inches, painted in oils on canvas-hardboard panel.  It is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop…click here to take a look.

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Meanwhile, back at the farm…

This was Baby Chick Ann when she was just one week old.  She is an Ameraucana chicken, which means that someday, when she is about five months old, she will lay blue, green, pink or lavender eggs.

I took this photo in January, the day I brought her home from the feed store where I bought her, along with five other chicks.

She arrived at the feed store BY MAIL (!!!) from the hatchery in Tennessee.  Imagine that journey — crammed into a big box with 99 other chicks.  But, good news, chicks are amazingly resilient and can easily handle being bounced around in transit.  Just look at baby Chick Ann…she’s plucky!  (Oops, wrong adjective to apply to a chicken!)

And here she is now…Teenage Chick Ann.  She is eight weeks old and about half her eventual adult size.  She has beautiful golden plumage that has prompted some visitors to ask if she is part exotic pheasant.  In three months, when she starts laying eggs, we will call her Hen Ann.  We think she is outstanding in all ways, but if she were just an average laying chicken she would have about two years of high egg production and then it would decrease and eventually stop.  She is a beloved pet, so even when she stops “working” she will have a good home here at Hundred Oaks Farm.

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