“I *heart* Holsteins”, oil on hardboard, 8×8 inches

I finished this painting recently and it is the first in my series of weekly paintings that I am featuring in my email newsletter.

Here’s a secret: I paint more than just one painting each week, but because I paint in oils they require lots of drying time…and building the newsletter takes time, too.

I’ve discovered that there are many, many artists who paint cows.  What is it about cows and calves and bulls that are so appealing to artists?  Well, maybe it is because they don’t move quickly, so, unlike cheetahs, for example, one can actually paint them from life.  They also are beautiful creatures with big expressive eyes.

What’s your favorite breed of cow?  I have two — Holsteins, like the one in this painting, and Jerseys, the gorgeous super-models of the cow world.  I’m currently working on a painting of a real Jersey beauty and I will post that here soon.

To buy this surprisingly affordable little piece of cow art,  click here.