Ta-da!  It is finished!  Take a look: http://JanSmallPaints.com

The very talented artist, website designer and builder, Jaime Beitler, created my new website from a bunch of bits and scribbles and splatters that I sent her.  She cobbled the whole mess together into pretty pages, added adorable birds and charming flooffy things and, most important of all, made it work well when the various yummy images are clicked on.

Additionally, Jaime was super-fun to work with: her sunny can-do personality came through in every single email and the process wasn’t just painless it was actually enjoyable and energizing.

She is accepting a few new website clients, so if you even think you want or need a website contact her lickity-split before she is discovered.

I forgot to mention that she is surprisingly affordable for the pixelly joy she brings.

Go on, spend a few minutes and view her portfolio…her website is eye- and brain-candy: